19TONES® Photography
Creative mindset since 2015.


Paris, France

Thursday Sept 21 2023


I’m Ernest Em, a photographer and creative director. 
19TONES is my stage name and artistic mindset since 2015.

For over eight years, I've immersed myself in honing my skills to a professional level. Today, I persistently explore, blending the art of photography with a diverse range of mediums.

My creations are tailored for those intertwined with the realms of art and visual culture, as I strive to communicate intricate ideas and concepts through imagery.

    Thursday Sept 7 2023
    Photography services for brands each shoot, every photo is crafted with great care and attention to details for your unique campaign or project with love & focus on photography.
    Working in the art, advertising, fashion sectors

    Selected clients: Adobe, adidas, Porsche, Intel, Hennessy, Schaeffer-Poeschel