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September 2019

These are pictures in monochrome,
in desperate need of the textures that will come as Autumn progresses.

Selenium Monochrome

I started this series in the Autumn of 2019. I was thinking about textures that could describe the inner ache of loneliness, the pain of breakup, painful events in a person's life. I decided to combine & apply analog and digital editing approaches together because we can not always to describe an internal state, emotions, empathy and compassion. Everyone is unique, but we have all something in common. Then I decided to describe a person and how I feel it through water textures and the projector light using analog and digital techniques. Also, I thought which colour would help me to explain it. I've chosen a cast of the chemical element Selenium with the symbol Se because selenium is an essential trace element, and it is toxic if taken in excess. This fact draws analogies between a deep inner pain, Selenium's toxicity and a person. Also, the photographs have a texture as if they were covered with big and small water stains reminding me of stifling pain in which some of us live. That's how I feel it – try to see the unseen within the everyday.I scanned printed images through thin transparent plastic sheets and water to create textures. Some of photographs are collaged together – I used a paper tape burning of the printed images in some image areas.

It’s interesting to observe the way a person acts in front of the camera, how water textures can describe us, our feelings, how we get deep emotional wounds and scars, how Autumn triggers the desire to affirm our presence.It’s also about how we create pictures that will share our personal pain with the world. It asks whether we live to watch a person as he/she is, considering all shortcomings, weaknesses, beauty, watching a person as one, or it's absolutely not important for us.

Everyone is born as a whole one and everyone loses something good from the very beginning acquiring something bad. That is what makes us humane, appreciating, understanding & sensitive. The difference between good and bad defines us. If a soul is filled with darkness, there's a chance we could find light.


Adobe, Porsche, Hennessy, adidas, Intel, Pokras Lampas, Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, OPPO, realme, ELF, and others.