September 2019


ATZEN Skin Care

Inspired by experiments with light, calligraphy, prismatic glass & long exposure. Our goal was to go away from direct / traditional advertising & to reflect the important relationship between technology and 5 ATZEN product lines: BALANCE™, PURIFY™, RENEW™, IN-SHAPE™, PROTECT™.

The projector light includes a name of one of the 5 main products & characteristic color for that product in each case. Also, the light defines / highlight the area of cream application on the body. For example, the PROTECT™ product is a sun block line which are orange & used on face & body.


photographer: Ernest Em @19tones
production designer: Denis Bychkovskiy @denbych
assistant photographer: Yaroslav Blokhin @jamakassi
model: Christine @k.shtromberger
make-up: Anastasia Yagileva @yagileva_stylist
producer: Damir @gotheextra
Natalya Shcherbeneva @scherbeneva


Works in series
Special & Advertising art

Creative projects & Partnership with brands & artists.

Special projects are partnerships with brands and / or artists based on experiments in photography that I practice; or independent work on different types of projects. All images, photos and graphics are created & used to promote a product or an idea on social media including interactive offline activities.

Advertising art in the form of photography is to approach photographer's work as an artist whose job is to tell a captivating story through the use of stylized images, colors, lighting, and framing. The basic elements of work are to capture a mood, emotion or feeling that a product can elicit in a viewer. See the example.

Projects, both special and advertising, are accompanied by concepts.