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the NEW TRETYAKOV Gallery State Museum & Pokras Lampas


What Kind of Project it is:
To bring the new generation of audience to the temporary exhibition the Museum collaborated with Pokras Lampas in this unique project, revealed at the Museum`s Night event 19th of May in Moscow.

Vasily Vereshchagin (1842–1904) was an outstanding Russian painter, historian, ethnographer, writer, philosopher, traveler, and military officer. The Gallery will open a comprehensive retrospect of the master’s best painted and graphic works. A grand traveller and a passionate explorer who found his inspiration in examining world’s cultures, starting with Europe to Asia. The modern artist who found his own way to capture the rapid fusion of world’s cultures though calligraphy and turned letters into a powerful medium of communication in the dialog with the viewer.

The purpose of the exhibition is to reveal the artist’s unique personality to the public, to present him as a painter, military man and pacifist, a passionate researcher of new geographic landscapes, countries and people, a visionary who managed to transform battle painting as a genre in a radical way. The exhibition raises one of important theoretical issues relevant today — it reflects on the boundaries of realism, taking Vereshchagin’s oeuvre as an example.

The new art installation on the front side of russian Tretyakovskaya Gallery is a symbolic representation of a gate, the iconic image that oftentimes appeared in Vereshchagin’s works. This art piece is a bow of respect towards the grand heritage of the genius creator who lived over a century ago.

The gate carries a powerful meaning. It represents world’s shift into the new era, it’s irreversible transition from the past into the future. This installation is also a symbolic embodiment of a boarder that big : separates and bounds together the two art worlds.

The New Tretyakov Gallery. 
About Museum:
The New Tretyakov Gallery presents the most completed in our country permanent exhibition of the art of the 20th century in all its diversity - avant - garde, socialistic realism and art of the "austere style" and "underground" and some new art trends.

Here are held not only large-scale retrospectives of great Russian artists, but also showed experimental exhibitions of young authors. A lecture - hall and a creative workshop offer a wide range of theoretical knowledge  and practical trainings about the art of the 20th and early 21st century for children, students and adults.
Based in the very heart of Moscow, this calligraphy artwork spreading the encrypted words as the 22 huge pieces of the modern calligraphy artworks. Calligraphy based on the "Calligrafuturism" style developed by Pokras Lampas.


Adobe, Porsche, Hennessy, adidas, Intel, Pokras Lampas, Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, OPPO, realme, ELF, and others.