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Nika Rude
In this series, I'm referencing to the Tishk Barzanji's illustrations.
Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Art
pure imagination
Photography, Fine Arts, Retouching
ATZEN Skin Care // 19TONES
I was inspired by experiments with light, calligraphy, prismatic glass & long exposure. Our goal was to go away from direct / traditional advertising & to reflect the important relationship between technology and 5 ATZEN product lines: BALANCE™, PURIFY™, RENEW™, IN-SHAPE™, PROTECT™. The projector light includes a name of one of the 5 main products & characteristic color for that product in each case. Also, the light defines / highlight the area of cream application on the body. For example, the PROTECT™ product is a sun block line which are orange & used on face, around eyes, neck, and neckline.
Retouching, Photography, MakeUp Arts (MUA)
COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON I think the concept of common sense is very known to many of us. But I'd like to talk about it right now through photography during digital era and social provocations.
Visual Effects, Retouching, Photography
Selenium Monochrome
I started this series in the Autumn of 2019. I was thinking about textures that could describe the inner ache of loneliness, the pain of breakup, painful events in a person's life. I decided to combine & apply analog and digital editing approaches together because we can not always to describe an internal state, emotions, empathy and compassion.
Film, Photography, Fine Arts
Bulleit ╳ 19Tones: MADE FOR BULLEIT
In collaboration with Bulleit, I created a special series of the 10 neon portraits based on experiments with prismatic and reflecting surfaces.

Rethinking our reality through locations, personalities and experiments with color, I always try to play with understanding and tell stories about Moscow, its heroes, practices and discoveries through photography.

This series is the process of putting photos onto aluminium canvases 100 ╳ 150cm.
Creative Direction, Photography, Graphic Design
Plastic Optical Prism Sheet
Another episode of experimenting with textures & light. I've been wanting to take portraits with different kinds of transparent sheets/film for a long time. Because a game of textures is one of the most interesting things in photography. It's all about manual technique to take photos. Photographs like those ones are usually taken with physical materials which reproduce additional visual properties of objects and surfaces, textures. It's like an interactive experience of a real-world environment. It's as if they are enhanced by photoshop-generated perceptual information, but it's not the case. You literally use different prismatic & reflective materials to get a complex image. Those materials refracting the light are your paint and a brush. You paint before you do post-production.
Photography, Fashion, Visual Effects
No future. 何かが消えてしまったという感覚だけが、目覚めてからも、長く、残る
Inspired by a EDEN's song "no projector" // album "no future". "何かが消えてしまったという感覚だけが、目覚めてからも、長く、残る" /  /  October 2019 Photography by 19TONES. photographer: @19tones model: @kanakinakanakina
Photography, Fine Arts, Digital Photography
PRISMATIC GLASS + CURTAINS. #prismagraphy by 19tones
Experiments always lead you to a whole new which change your view of creativity and photo works. I keep experimenting on textures of photography using various types of prismatic glass. This time, however, I took pictures outdoors. I love how that almost invisible texture of the cheapest thin curtains is mixed with the sky. ⠀ Experiments like this always blew me away because they all go through analog processing/editing technique even before colour correction and post-production. As a result of that, it makes them unique, non-reproducible by someone else, unrepeatable as opposed to digital effects processing. So in a sense, there’s a story behind it. #prismagraphy
Photography, Fine Arts, Visual Effects
Pokras Lampas
This time I wanted to reflect the important relationship between an artist and his art. The projector light includes calligraphy letters by Pokras Lampas. It's an experiment on refraction of light with a glass teapot from IKEA :) Enjoy the series!
Photography, Visual Effects, Calligraphy
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