Our aim with the casting is to find someone young, charismatic and with attitude.We are not interested in models who look too ‘fashion’ and too ‘posey’.

They need to radiate a natural coolness and be completely at ease in front of the camera .We will be looking for young people with an edge and with something that makes them stand out from the crowd, while still keeping them completely relatable: we want them to represent somebody the audience can relate to but also aspire to.We will be relying on street casting in order to find real people and also have a spectrum of the people you would naturally find in the real world.

They will be young, cool and representative of different styles and ethnicities.We would not mind having somebody with a background in dance or similar, which would add to the spectrum of  possibilities in front of the camera.

Their posing will not be stiff or fake, but natural; adding some movement, mostly with the upper part of the body.

On set we will try different positions and ‘acting’ in front of the camera, starting from little and adding little by little, in order to have a range we can choose from, while also giving the talent the time to ‘warm up’ in front of the camera and feeling more and more at ease.

Our aim will be to find an interesting balance between not being too stiff but also not overdoing it: a sort of natural coolness that will transpire from their personality.

July 2021