May 2020

SEMENYAK’s Album Cover “Чёрная полоса”

The first album cover I created in my career.
Based on analog experiments with prismatic glass, refraction of light & physical treatment of water textures.

Album covers in the age of downloads became a digital music product, the purpose and prevalence of the album cover is constantly evolving but, in my opinion, they always have to define the concept, the idea & thoughts which are invested by an artist / a singer / a musician in their music. While photography as art might be a matter of taste, album covers deserve to be held in as high a regard as more traditional modes of artwork for me personally.

The musician wrote this album “чёрная полоса” in good times for him personally but the album tells several stories about bad times of his life. I tried my best to find something that binds both periods of the musician. The goal is to express how the artist feels about the album & what he would like to tell fans and himself through photography. So, I have created more than 140 cover samples to choose the only one for the album. I have combined two alternating image processing techniques: analog and digital.

The process of making an original album cover includes:
︎Camera and prismatic glass (refraction of light).
     Digital image processing ︎ analog refractions
︎Color correction (image editing / image color processing)
︎Printing on paper
︎Creating physical water textures (water drops)
︎Scanning the final result

Since the album tells stories aboud bad times, it is very important to take into consideration all emotional discoveries & experience from those times that the musician has. That is why I decided to use water textures to decribe that feeling (an internal state, emotions, empathy and compassion). It is interesting to observe the way water textures can describe a person, how a person gets deep emotional wounds and scars. I could not do it without my experiments with prismatic glass, colour & light. We thus managed to get an original photowork at the intersection of analog & digital experiments in photography. This is how I get it

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