2015 — 2021. Single portraits

Prismagraphy: Part I

Taken with prisms. Shot live with no CGI

In 2018, 19TONES created the term Prismagraphy for photographs taken with physical prism when he got a successful neon portrait using this technique. Prismagraphy is based on the refraction of light, the Newton’s theory of light when a beam of white light passing through two prisms, which were held at such an angle that it split into a spectrum when passing through the first prism and was recomposed, back into white light, by the second prism. In this way, you can get extra dimensions in photography with a completely analog approach that makes each photo so unique. Shot live with no CGI.

Inspired by neon & futuristic aesthetics, Prismagraphy transgresses "the boundaries between the imaginary and real", toying with audience perception.

Over a period of 5 years I have had a very enriching interaction with audience through "prismagraphy". I was involved in both commercial and creative projects, which include entire series as well as individual frames.