One on One Workshop
from €2'000.00

A one on one workshop dedicated to changing your vision of future activities and work with color & light within portraiture.

16 hour interactive training which will include live shoots and editing sessions. We can sit and work through any and all questions you have for me.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Camera Raw

The shoot

duration 8 hours

There will be several live shoots where I’ll help you understand my process of working with people, light, color during a process as well as creating my own photography scenarios. We will also go through a few signature shots I’ve done before including smoke and light set ups. We'll answer to all frequently asked questions, work out and refined some features and nuances of portrait photography. The 8 hour shoot could be divided into several parts – it depends on a level of complexity of our ideas and concepts. For example, if an average of one shooting process takes around 1.5h then we will take photos in studio 5 times. Also, we have an opportunity not to divide all 8 hours into parts / days but take them in one day – this kind of teaching is already practiced by other artist. It all depends on your wishes and how comfortable you are.

Please note that the €2000 package DOES NOT include a model / models, studio fees, a make-up artist, a hairstylist and any outfits which we will need for shoots. If you want to have the option of having a model / models, rented studio space, a make-up artist, a hairstylist and all outfits meaning you would like to have fully covered shootings, then it's possible – you just need to pay extra €1000 for more intense team work, that's fine. I will demonstrate lighting ideas myself and show you how it should work the right way.


duration 8 hours

The goal here is not to make your work look like mine but I want you to understand the tools I use which can help you create a signature look of your own. We will go through and edit some of the images from the live shoot and I’ll talk about all the most often overlooked tools in lightroom and photoshop that I use to help put the final touches on images. The goal is to really understand color and how to manipulate it in images to get the style and look you want for your body of work. Also, I'll show you how & what I use for skin retouching.

You can provide different color correction examples, with reference to not my works only. I can teach you to edit any kind of genres in photography. In 2019, I became one of Top Adobe Authors who worked on a new long-distance & in-app learning format – we created 62 interactive digital Tutorials with my photographs for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. We consistently upload those tutorials in Adobe Lightroom. You can visit my Adobe Lightroom profile, see all updates & work along with me. That's why I could say that I have a lot of experience with editing and I can teach you how to edit absolutely different types of photographs.


The preparation for every shooting process is very important. I want you to understand how to create a concept / an idea, how to work with a model, how to choose a model, how to look for necessary requisites for the achievement of a specified end, how to make a moodboard, how to work in teams and solo, where to take inspiration, and more. The preparation definitely takes additional hours – that's an extra bonus, you DO NOT need to pay for that.

Final portfolio

It's very important to me you make sure that knowledge you will get during the "One on One" workshop is useful in practice & for your future experience, non-commercials and commercial projects. Therefore, we build a portfolio which will include the results of our photography sessions. If there is no result, I will refund you.


My home in Moscow, Russia. This actually where most of my images are made


There are plenty of inexpensive hotels and airbnbs nearby
You need to pay an extra fee in case you want me to cover all expenses during your trip to Moscow: hotel / apartment, taxi, food and etc. The extra fee is €2500


Closest airport is Sheremetyevo (SVO) Airport. There are two more airports: Domodedovo (DME) and Vnukovo (VKO)


Email me at info@19tones.com with "Portraiture: One on One Workshop"
Payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another person if you decide you can’t attend. You will be responsible for finding a replacement.

In photography, light and colour are everything to me. It’s been my primary tool for sharing my view of the world. I’m also incredibly passionate about teaching in partnership with Adobe through interactive tutorials in Adobe Lightroom and I’m excited to fuse both of these things together into what will hopefully be an incredible experience.