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WYNWOOD design hotel

Mural «Д¥ĀЛИЗМ» by Pokras Lampas



What Kind of Project it is:
Lampas’s work «Д ¥ Ā Л И З М» is a Manifesto, dedicated to the duality of the perception of contemporary art. Its text in two languages, helping the viewer to explore both differences between alphabets and cultural references in the forms of letters, and combining them into the context of calligraphy of the future.

Dualism also reflects in the choice of color: the left part of the work is closer to the original range of the facade, while the right part is more contrast. Together they form the complete picture. The text itself is a Manifesto of Millennials with the values of past generations, made by borrowing the forms of letters from western and eastern, ancient and modern calligraphy.

«Д ¥ Ā Л И З М» is the largest mural by Pokras Lampas in St. Petersburg — it covers an area of more than 250 square meters. You can see mural «Д ¥ Ā Л И З М» at the kanal Griboedova st., 18-20, Saint Petersburg at the WYNWOOD Hotel.


Adobe, Porsche, Hennessy, adidas, Intel, Pokras Lampas, Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, OPPO, realme, ELF, and others.