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& Creative Director.

19TONES is Ernest Em (рус. Эрнест Эм), a Russian Photo-Artist and Creative Director based in Moscow. His work, inspired by neon and futuristic aesthetics, is dedicated to the Urban Exploration & Portrait photography since 2015.

He created 19TONES in 2016 as both a persona and an artistic mindset. In 2017, he became a Sony Alpha ambassador.

In the meantime, Ernest created the term “Prismagraphy” in early 2018, even though he had been practicing prismatic portraits since 2017.

19TONES’s work explores familiar places in unfamiliar light & color and transforms that reality through photography and physical processes, based on the refraction of light by prisms (dispersion, optics), to capture an image with no CGI. Think of it as a tool for self-expression to rethink reality.

Ernest started working as an independent creative director in 2018 while mainly focusing on putting together photography and videography doing both creative & commercial projects. He became an Adobe Partner in 2019 working with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom team on in-app interactive tutorials with his photographs.

19TONES registered the trademark 19TONES® in 2019.