Location: Atrium, Zemlyanoy Val Street, 33
Moskva, Russia, 105064. ARTRIUM

for hypebeast.com

Felipe Pantone: "DATA FALL" Sculpture

Felipe Pantone is a Spanish Artist whose works are recognisable by "fragmented" geometric compositions with bright RGB colour accents. Pantone created his first public art object — a 24-meter installation “Data Fall” located in the central hall of the Atrium in the Summer of 2018. I took a few photos of Felipe and his sculpture special for the Hypebeast resource. All shots were taken with the A7RIII.

Referring to the Hypebeast's article:
Sprawling digital screens of computer glitches and an immense waterfall-like structure of vivid panels have been installed inside the Atrium shopping center in Moscow. The monumental installation is the work of celebrated Spanish artist, Felipe Pantone. Entitled DATAFALL, the sculptural installation measures a whopping 25 meters or roughly 82-feet-tall. It’s made up of digitally printed stainless steel. Altogether, the piece is part of Atrium’s ongoing art project aptly entitled “Artrium”.

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