Moscow, 2020


#Projector #ProjectorLight, 2020

I think the concept of common sense is very known to many of us. But I'd like to talk about it right now through photography during digital era and social provocations.

No matter what you're doing now with your life — whether you do photography or fine tune your craft; work in office and climb the corporate ladder; build a relationship with a partner or travel through the world solo — how often some people support you, while others will doubt your ability to succeed and criticize whatever you do. The doubter is used to being constantly disappointed. The sceptic always assumes his/her position as "common sense" and act upon it without thinking of other people, you.

We’re always going to be doubted by someone. If someone doesn’t believe in you then that’s their problem. You have to believe in yourself, that's the most important thing, cause no one else will. This's a key point in artist's life. Of course, sometimes you make mistakes, and they're just only yours – but keep going, you'll grow along the way.

The other side of the question is there's lots of stories that illustrate people's vanity and excesses on social platforms. They generate social patterns that most people follow, and those patterns seem like common sense to some people, but it's not the case! There's lots of examples that distract you from the most important things of your life / dreams / purposes / who you are. You don't need to emulate anyone and pursue a someone's way. You're original, just be yourself.
Common sense isn't actually common.

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Moscow, Russia

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