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Interactive Tutorials

In-app learning and inspiration resources. 2019 – 2020

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︎Project type

This is a project involving all modern electronic means of communication, such as Desktop, Mobile & Web. The project is clearly at the intersection of photography, means of communication and a new wave of photo creatives. We are combining all those fields to create something new together. This collaboration between a photographer and the largest community of creatives is another opportunity to expand communication between the artist, the community and the viewer. In pratnership with Adobe, I am sharing my photographs, image editing approaches & experiments. There are new ways to learn and become inspired.


The interactive tutorials offer a unique approach to learning. Instead of having to watch in a different window or even on another device and then attempt to follow-along within the app, the interactive tutorials provide access to the photo from the tutorial directly on your device and then walk you through each edit, step-by-step. You actually adjust each slider with guidance and instruction working along with the author.


To empower, engage and inspire the photographic community with great images, useful knowledge and relevant skills.


To create 60 Inspiring Edits with my photographs
Prismagraphy + Exploration photography

︎20 Tutorial files

Allow the viewer to work along with the author to reinforce learning by doing. Includes valuable information  and brief text / comments / tips to support each steps.

︎40 Discovery files

Viewer watches through the edits to see how the author processed an image. Viewers are able to create preset for a Discover file.


from September 2019 to May 2020

16 Tutorial & 40 Discovery files 
Based in Moscow — Available worldwide —