September 2019

ATZEN Skin Care

I was inspired by experiments with light, calligraphy, prismatic glass & long exposure. Our goal was to go away from direct / traditional advertising & to reflect the important relationship between technology and 5 ATZEN product lines: BALANCE™, PURIFY™, RENEW™, IN-SHAPE™, PROTECT™.

The projector light includes a name of one of the 5 main products & characteristic color for that product in each case. Also, the light defines / highlight the area of cream application on the body. For example, the PROTECT™ product is a sun block line which are orange & used on face & body.


photographer: Ernest Em @19tones
production designer: Denis Bychkovskiy @denbych
assistant photographer: Yaroslav Blokhin @jamakassi
model: Christine @k.shtromberger
make-up: Anastasia Yagileva @yagileva_stylist
producer: Damir @gotheextra
Natalya Shcherbeneva @scherbeneva


DesignProsmotr ╳ 19TONES